Qatar had a constant and astonishing growth within the past decades, it has grown from self-suffcient country to leaving it’s mark regionally and globally. Qatar’s economy has grown in folds with its open market strategy and its oil and gas industry has fourished to meet global demands. However, with the recent regional and global substantial changes, Qatar was impacted directly by these events, but it has resiliently turned a dampened situation to an opportunity, by striving along with its growth, and it has gone as far as exploring new flight routes for its -5star airline.

This unequivocally calls for a celebration to express Qatar’s strive for success, even during its very down moments. Thus, let’s maximize the celebration spirit to mega levels at the 2018 Aspire’s Winter Festival, where elevated moods and spirits are tantalized by amazing games and entertaining activities, capped with great food and drinks. We invite the Qatar’s community, locals and expats to join us at this heart lifting and joyful event.

Event aim

Under the leadership and immense support of Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani

The 2018 Aspire Winter Festival was designed to celebrate this new year with unlimited and mega fun that encompass the whole family, children, adults, parents and even grandparents. We have tailored activities to keep all ages entertained and joyful at all times. Our goal is to elevate the celebration and festive spirit of our beloved country to unprecedented levels.

Subsequently, this event aims at showcasing market leading brands by offering leasing spaces to reach thousands of attendees over the festival’s 4 months period to promote their various products that will in turn satisfy customers’ different needs all in one-stop shop, right here on Aspire’s premises.

We have also reserved spaces for international exhibitors visiting Qatar to have their share of showcasing their products and services to the Qatar community.

Above all, Aspire’s Winter Festival was planned with corporate social responsibility in mind as a top priority and to increase businesses’ awareness in relation to their impact on society and the environment, as well as their stakeholders.

About the Organizer

Festival Organizing Committee

The Festival Organization Company, is a brand-new concept in the event management industry, founded by Sheikh Ahmed Al Thani in 2017.

The main and noble aim of this organization is to regularly launch events that will create the most joyful and entertaining environment for Qatar’s entire community to enjoy, and to leave a positive and memorable impression that will last for a long time by all who attended these events regardless of their age or social status.

Overall, it’s absolute objective is to raise awareness in terms of loyalty and gratitude to our beloved and valued country and for the abundant opportunities and elevated lifestyle that we all enjoy dearly here in Qatar.

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